How to start a bed sheet business in the middle of a pandemic

A bed sheet company? Sounds a bit random and out there — but for what it’s worth, here’s our story.

Kapas bed sheet and duvet cover in stone
Kapas bed sheet and duvet cover in stone
Our Stone set collection — one of our bestsellers

It was January 2020 and we were coming off a high from our peak year-end holiday season, achieving record-breaking sales that we had never seen before. We are Plush Services, one of the largest Airbnb management companies in Malaysia with over 200 properties worth over US$50m under our management. Our revenue in 2019 was approximately US$2.5m and 2020 was going to be even better with our growing pipeline of new properties.

Then, Covid-19 hit us. With a team of 30 to feed, we knew we had to explore new sources of revenue. We decided to revisit an idea that had been brewing in the back of our minds for a while. …


Bed sheets Malaysia

Previously a sleep-deprived investment banker turned hotelier. Always valued great sleep which has sent her on a quest to the perfect bed sheet set.

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